Our Changing Nation: Black Population in the U.S.: 2000-2060

The Democrats switched from standing up for social assistance programs and the working class / union to embracing Jacobsonian Progressivism which is basically Bolshevik Communism designed to break nations and take them over.

Already more than 50% of our births are to non-Europanics so already without a direction change it’s only a matter of time before America collapses. We have sadly, already lost.

But that doesn’t mean they will stop flooding America with brown dysgenic races. What the central American’s do not understand that while they think they are flee-ing violance and gangs, it is their very GENETICS that create that kind of a nation. So they will forever bring that horror with them no matter where they go. Not every person. But it’s imprinted  in their DNA to be less able to form trusting stable societies.  The same is true of Africanized genetics whether Somali, Congolese, or Middle Eastern. They can only express a level of civilization because then several factors begin to take over – levels of rape violence, inability to respect or think morally. We consider things like the Burkha and the violent repressive iron fist governments that run these places, and their iron fisted controlling religion – to be horrific to the freedom western minded. But That is precisely what is REQUIRED to control a population of non-Europanics. They are simply lower on the societal evolutionary scale. If you find that distressing, please cite a nation that is representative which is a net producer, provides a social safety net, and health care.

race usa

When you bring in millions upon millions of that element you get what we see in the streets of America today – violence, rapes, lack of social cohesion, people on welfare, and people in jail – as the dying Europanic society desperately tries to maintain a standard that the people no longer are capable of. It’s like how in Liberia they lost the knowledge of how to repair and run the sewage systems, and then all the people just started shitting on the beaches – forever ruining the one source of high economy they might have had – tourism.

The Democratic plan is to shit on our beach.  How they mean to do it is rather obvious.

  1. Push for invasion invasion invasion by non-Europanics. It’s called the Kalergi plan.
  2. Recognize invaders as the same as citizens in as many ways as possible
  3. Count the invaders in the census to claim congressional seats (see California)
  4. Push for Drivers licenses for illegal (that finally fell in California) in 2013 under Traitor Brown and Comrade Kamala
  5. Have voter registration forms with the drivers license forms. Most illegals won’t have a clue they aren’t legal to vote, and they will fill them out and not vote.
  6. Pass “ballot dumping” laws so that you can literally go to a poll station and dump a truckload of ballots all for people not associated with you in any way
  7. Run a cross check of illegal voter registrations vs. legal. Print out absentee ballots for all the illegals and mark them democrat.
  8. When polls close, kick out all non democratic operative, review the voter polls for non-votes, and fill in ballots for them all voting DEMOCRATIC. This happens in every major city in a swing state like Arizona, Iowa.
  9. Oppose all voter ID laws and bring busses that go to every voting place one after another and vote over and over under different names (in states without ballot dumping)
  10. When the president ORDERS a review of Ballots, SIMPLY REFUSE to hand them over


census projection

While the Democrats endlessly cheat, the Republicans more or less play a general trickster game, but not with the whole handed cheating and fake votes and plying the illegal aliens as voter pawns that the Democrats have engineered.

The numbers are frightening. In 2019 we are releasing into America more than 40,000 Illegal aliens every month due to overcrowding – the Emergency on the Border.  It is estimated that it is 1.5 MILLION a year. Add the 1.5 Million in legal immigrants (including the 350,000 Software scab labor who pour in with fake degrees on the genocidal H-1B visa that no one ever cares about) and we have total death of a nation.

Well what’s the problem what’s the big deal, we will just become a majority negro (by that I mean non-europanic) nation.  Except, we do not find productivity and work ethic in these peoples. The black model is atrocious, ending up in welfare, prison, or an aborted pile of goo at Planned Parenthood.  The Hispanic model is slightly more devious with the 15 year old wife marrying a 40 year old man and having 3 babies by the time they are 19.  Then the wife goes on welfare, we treat the babies as American citizens, and in places like california they get free breakfast, lunch, dinner, housing, education, they get to file for 18,000 in back earned income credit, and they get free healthcare. All of that is if they work through what is LEGAL and that’s a big IF. Meanwhile, the “husband” who is not listed as the husband, lives in the section 8 housing, makes more babies, and works mostly in cash only jobs like lawns, construction, painting, and even if they do have to produce W-4 signed sworn statements of identity they just lie because they are NEVER PROSECUTED FOR IT! NEVER!

One set of rules for the invaders, and a different harsher set for the Europanic citizens. Being on welfare is the winning path to have babies because the Europanic workers are so exhausted and overtaxed the thought of being ready for babies and a household seems impossible. So they put it off. And Maybe by forty they have one baby.  Meanwhile the black woman has 15 babies from 15 daddies and the Hispanic woman is nearly as bad and all of them find plenty of time to lounge around, watch TV and make more babies.

immigrantby yr.jpg

Financially we are already at 1.5 TRILLION  a year overspending to keep this massive social system afloat and the projections look terrible. Doctors, refusing to BUDGE ONE INCH on their salaries routinely earn over $400,000 a year with many professions like cardiology and neuro surgery earning well in front of $800,000 a year. This “MEDICAL EXTORTION TAX” finds its way into EVERY ASPECT OF COSTS IN AMERICA including prices of all our products, property taxes, everything.  The whole system is horribly uncompetitive because of this and China makes products for 10 cents on our dollar. Which is why we cannot make anything in America anymore.  Which is why Yeezy sneakers (I know little about this ghetto affectation) cost $400 a pair.

Financially the costs to provide all these welfare programs are overwhelming the system and worse remove benefits for the hard working Europanic population. We are seeing this in all nations that are being invaded – cutbacks in Sweden and Germany and France about as well.  And the forever money printing to cover our fall shorts each year, produce a 10% a year inflation that they call somehow 2.3 %.  (see ShadowStats for a bit closer to the truth numbers).  Do you feel poorer each year? This is why. And it’s all because the nation is becoming non-productive non-europanic or, more simply said, precisely like the nations the invaders came from.

The problem is, America ALREADY had a massive dysgenic burden to handle from its huge numbers of black people who were slave descendents (although nowadays that’s probably less than 50% of them). They have grown from 9% to 14%. Wait if they are poor how is that possible? If they get tons of abortions how is that possible? It’s the welfare racket and on the other side, outrageous affirmative action and race hustling and everything free for blacks – college, sports cars, million dollar basketball salaries. Blacks are doing great! As long as the Europanics keep slaving 80 hour weeks to pay for them.

At some point, the host nation recognizes the PARASITE and says enough. If you are riddled with worms, a some point you put a gun to your head and say I don’t care I can’t go on.  White men have been ridden like cows and milked until they are bone dry. Shrivled up mummies now they be. And as there is no way to fight the system, the only answer you could possibly give, is to take your beautiful Europanic brain and skills and go somewhere else.

And then, THEN you will find barrier after barrier. Want to move to mexico and get permanent residency? You will have to prove an income of $2500 a month or show $100,000 in investments of they will put you in JAIL.  Wait, why doesn’t America have the same thing. Why don’t we have interior enforcement, why don’t we charge illegals with perjury for lying on their W-4s, faking federal IDs, all of that would put a Europanic in jail for more than TEN YEARS. Nope, they get away with it.  Two tiered justice system. Actually three, the illegals get off scott free, Europanic Americans get sent to jail over the tiniest of infraction, and the Hillary Clintons of the world also get off scott free. And at that point it’s not my country any more. I just want out. I bet you do too. We have taken the political approach to the end electing Trump and he has done NOTHING. He could easily:

1) Declare that in order to get a social security number we require a SSN from one of your parents. That’s an executive order. Take it to the supreme court

2) Declare that on matters of national security it requires a SUPREME COURT to overrule him. Thats the correct interpretation of equal powers.

3) Begin jailing illegal aliens for being here and overstaying visas. Then throwing them out.

4) Hire 5,000 amnesty “judges” no not full lawyers, just people who they give a 2 week training course to, and then we could be processing 250,000 cases a WEEK not a decade. There is NO LAW that says amnesty requests need to be vetted by LAWYERS.

Well you get the gist of it. Siezing voting records from California and finally proving they had millions of fake illegal voters, arresting and jailing Hillary Clinton, Comey, Rosenstein, Obama, and all the other traitors would help. A full hard court offensive is required to turn the death ship around. But it AINT HAPPENING! So… sorry my nation of my birth, I am not wanton to be part of the blood bath to come, I am leaving you.

——- from the article: why a non-white usa is not fiscally possible ———-

A healthy Europanic society can ONLY SUPPORT 10% Negroid populations. Any more than that and we go broke.

White Per Capita$2,795

Black Per Capita-$10,016

Hispanic Per Capita-$7,298

These numbers do not include PRISON costs.

At the end of 2016, federal and state prisons in the United States held about 486,900 inmates who were black and 439,800 who were white – a difference of 47,100, according to BJS.There were 339,300 hispanics in prison in that year.

In 2016, blacks represented 12% of the U.S. adult population but 33% of the sentenced prison population. Whites accounted for 64% of adults but 30% of prisoners. And while Hispanics represented 16% of the adult population, they accounted for 23% of inmates.

Image result for graph percent white usa
Think we can re-elect Trump ? Think again.

the total cost per inmate averaged $33,274 in 2015 (https://www.vera.org/publications/price-of-prisons-2015-state-spending-trends/price-of-prisons-2015-state-spending-trends/price-of-prisons-2015-state-spending-trends-prison-spending)

White Prison Cost: 14.6 Billion

Black Prison Cost:  16.2 Billion

Hispanic Prison Cost: 11.3 Billion

So Impact of Whites is   539.9 Billion

Blacks: – 405.92 Billion

Hispanics: –  423.3 Billion

Black + Hispanic Cost to the Nation Each Year:  829.21 BILLION

It shows already at 62% White the cost of having Negros and Hispanics has placed us 289 BILLION in debt every year.  corporate taxes only add 225 BILLION.  Leaving 64 BILLION in deficit.

Our discretionary spending part of the budget is 1,200,000,000,000 dollars.  Blacks leave 64,000,000,000 dollars to pay for all that. Is it any wonder we are running a trillion+ dollar deficit EACH YEAR?

What does that do? It causes INFLATION – 10% a year inflation, which WRECKS the white middle class and makes saving your way out of poverty IMPOSSIBLE. Then they offer NO INTEREST ON DEPOSITS. It’s a double fuck. All because of blacks.