Other editors saw the ridiculous slaughtering of the truth by Jew-Con Wikipedia editors and demanded an explanation. They said both the title of the article should not include “conspiracy theory” and decried the banning of the united nation source.

The SICK admin – Grayfell – who must live in a truly brainwashed leftist psycho-jew world –  replies that the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER had an article linking the UN Report to a conspiracy theory and Alex Jones Infowars. That means it HAS to be FALSE. SIC! Uhm your source for truth is the Splc? Didn’t their founders all have to step down for sexual assault? No that’s what lefties hide behind, these psychos at the SPLC who have been shown to psychotically apply negative labels to just about everyone who has conservative views.

Increadibly, while I argued that it WAS NOT a conspiracy theory and that the UN REPORT makes it clear (along with the Kalergi plan) that this was NOT conspiracy theory, Grayfell’s argument is that the UN REPORT does not support a conspiracy theory so it shouldn’t be included – NOT that it should be changed from stating a conspiracy theory. Utter balderdash.

Read for yourself. So even with many other admins supporting what I said, and I followed ALL the rules, I got lifetime banishment from Wikipedia.

They still refuse to budge. Facts don’t matter. Truth doesn’t matter. The opinions of many don’t matter. Not when Jew-propaganda to deny the great replacement of white people is on the line.