It’s endless. It’s freakin endless. WHO is behind pushing this message? Do you realize this is a message FOR WHITE GENOCIDE. No I’m not kidding. The goal is to get us to accept our replacement with negros and middle eastern africanized genetics. And that will turn once peaceful prosperous America into a cesspool. It’s called Dysgenics.

Their message – Apes are the same. No they are not. They are lower IQ Higher Violence and less able to form and maintain stable loving relationships and families. There is a reason Africa looks like Africa. There is a reason the middle east is a warring mess of endless death. Is that the future we want?

There are hands behind this. They say that’s a conspiracy theory. But it’s just obvious propaganda. It MIGHT be paid for in part by our OWN government’s propaganda budget – 200 BILLION dollars  a year that Obama authorized and Trump has yet to shut down. It might be paid by George Soros. It might be paid for by Zionist interests who want america to turn brown. As do the entire Democrat party.

With so many forces wishing to destroy America, it can be overwhelming.  Call them Out. Phone up E network’s advertisers and tell them you are TIRED of portraying Miscegenation, No it is NOT NORMAL and NO you do not accept their WHITE GENOCIDE AGENDA.

This is a game being played out with a thousand small cuts. At least we can recognize it when we see it.

This is Liberia. The nation that Freed American Blacks founded. We even sent over white engineers and military to help them set it up. Take a good long look at the nation that blacks build. Is it any wonder they are storming our gates?

Every dating show/commercial on TV that tries to make white girls dating black men normal is PUSHING AMERICA TO BECOME LIKE THIS. Take a good long hard look at your future if you do nothing. It’s already happening  – 19 of our 20 largest cities are MAJORITY NEGROID NOW. Let that sink in. This is not a joke. This is NOT racial HATRED. This is self preservation. This is SCREAMING AGAINST the genocide of ALL Europanic HOMELANDS.