caravan-on-fence-wallI was watching Judge Jenine Pirro and she had on all these border patrol people and all these experts. and suddenly I realized. this is all mind control. None of the solutions and outrage they were expressing had anything to do with reality.

Trump is sending MORE ICE AGENTS to the border.

But here is the issue. And I’ll try to be simple.

One: Why do they come here?

A – Their children get citizenship, welfare, free education

B – They get jobs

C – They are not harrassed if they make it past the border OR they simply borrow a kid and claim asylum and get let go

OK how do we fix that? More Ice Agents. NO!  Building a 2,500 mile border wall is an impossible task. Yes it will help. But it’s not the solution. What is?

Let’s fix them one by one.

A – Trump can issue an executive order requiring the Social Security Administration to require one parent to have a valid SSN in order to issue one to a child. No SSN, no freebies no welfare.

Will it fight out to the supreme court? Yes. Let’s hope Ginsberg is too weak to endure the 8 hours a day weeks long debate on the issue. She is probably dead already has anyone actually seen the scarecrow?

B – This we cannot fix.

C – This we can fix.  Offer ICE agents $1000 cash rewards for each illegal they catch in the interior.  Also, offer a tax incentive for companies to use e-verify. a big one.  Next when caught, and this is the KEY, do not just put them back over the border. No, if they forged their W-4 that’s PERJURY – TWO YEARS IN PRISON. If they forged a SSN card thats federal document forgery – FIVE YEARS IN PRISON. Suddenly they have A LOT TO FEAR.  If we break this mindset that once you get past the border you are scott free then you break them.  Other things that would help – Tell the secretary in charge of the banks that we now MANDATE a SSN for all accounts to be opened, or a legit green card number.  Same for home loans. Put the pressure on them!

The asylum fix is easy as well.  Have a “first review” by college students appointed “judges” – say 5,000 of them – pay them good money! And within an hour of holding an asylum claim they can reject those who are not from mexico based on internation law that they MUST seek asylum in the first safe country they enter. POOF. All gone. Wah wah don’t cry.  The small additional numbers would be reviewed for credible threat and most rejected as well, and all marched BACK OVER THE BORDER right back into mexico the same day. POOF PROBLEM GONE. Why don’t we do this? Because EVERYONE INCLUDING TRUMP IS IN ON THE GAME! SICK! I just cannot any long believe that Trump is that stupid not to do this. I cannot!

All of this can be done by Executive directive that’s why I don’t say “change the immigration laws” or “congress must act” which is ALL I HEAR ON shows like Pirro. It’s NONSENSE. IT’s redirection. It’s RIDICULOUS. ITS STUPID. JUDGE JEANINE YOU ARE STUPID. GOT IT ?