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Meet the new supermen of Game of Krones – no not John Snow the Cuck, it’s not the Dothraki. Amazingly game of thrones portrays white skinned people as dumb beasts. It’s not the lannisters – Tyrion is only half a man. It’s the Half Black Super Warriors. Don’t worry, they won’t bring in sexuality as they are “Unsullied” aka had their peckers chopped off.

The same thing happened to Dr. Who. They brought in this black female chic and when she was turned into a robot we were supposed to cry, but I thought it was an improvement.

And of course the naked white chic – Daenarys – who is the mother of dragons and just burns all the men to death is some feminista superstar.  She fights against slavery and white guilt around the world, using her dragons to burn “masters” – aka white people!

The Only Masculine Men – the Dothraki – Are portrayed as Dumb and Primitive. 

Is there a message in this madness? Well lets look at the demon king from the ICE. Notice they are WHITE. The hoards of dangerous armies – WHITE. Super white – white as snow and ice! Hmmmmm.

Arya Stark is a super start who kills men with ease and Brienne of Tarth is a 6’2 giantess who also crushes her cuck Podrick with one waft of her mighty arm.

So basically it’s all feminista fairy tales with few real masculine characters. The two we have got are the brothers Clegyne. Let’s look at them. The first one – the Hound – has half his face burned off by his brother. So he’s hardly datable. The other one – even stronger – the Mountain – aka Gregor Clegyne – crushes in the prancing guy with the lance and squeezes his head until it pops like a melon. Well he gets turned into a purple half dead creature. Again hardly datable.

So that leaves John Snow the cuck to bang Danyris.  He’s supposed to be the super macho leader of the nights watch, yet the actor looks like a soy boy. SICK!

John the Cuck – Is this a Manly Man?

Your values are being re-written. Don’t accept the propaganda. It’s all insane and sick.