Antwon Rose was in a car that did a drive by shooting . When they cornered them the car  careened out of control.

Police stopped the car, which investigators said had clearly been hit by bullets. They found blast gunshot residue on Rose’s hand and a clip in his pocket. This WAS the car involved in the shooting.

So this guys running around shooting at people and suddenly the cops are in the wrong for stopping him?

One point no one else has covered is the fact that this “boy” was 17. Meaning he had just switched from nice behavable boy to Gangsta Thug as the testosterone hit.  You can bet all the baby faced pictures ala trayvon Martin are from his pre-testosterone phase.

This happens again and again. They pull out the older pictures and go ‘see he was sucha nice boy see see” and of course, the reality is … something different.

Antwon Rose Jr.jpeg
Such a Nice Boy – AT 15 ! What did he look like the day of the shooting?


You can almost hear the mother screaming “they shot Muh Baby!”

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Here is what his buddy in the car looked like. Most likely Antwon looked about the same: