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A migrant who arrived in France and applied for asylum as an unaccompanied child claimed that he was 16 years old. But when the French police checked the data of the migrant, he turned out to be 47 years old.

It was on Wednesday last week that the migrant went to a police station in the city of Angoulême, about 12 miles outside Bordeaux. The migrant showed a personal certificate stating that he was born in Guinea in 2002, reports the Daily Mail .

The police initiated an investigation with the theory that the migrant had first arrived in Spain and then moved to France. Therefore, they contacted colleagues in the neighboring country with the hope that they would know more about the migrant’s identity.


It turned out that Spain had a copy of the man’s passport that he used to seek asylum in 2017. But in the passport, the “16-year-old” is in fact 47 years old. The man was refused his asylum application and was then placed in a detention center in the town of Rennes.

The day before, the same police station in Angoulême had been visited by a migrant from Mali who also claimed to be 16 years old. A similar control with the help of Spain was made, which showed that the migrant was 21 years old.