Cry me a river jessy.  You Instagram blog has been shut down so you can no longer make thousands of dollars just for being an ugly chic.  God wonders how many millions the pretty thots on Instagram and Youtube and CAMHamster make.

She is getting news because of her comments that

“I make all of my money online, all of it. And I don’t want to lose that. And I know that people like to see me be down, and be like them, and be like the 90 percenters, the people who work 9-5. I am in L.A. to not be like that.”

She claims she can’t go back to college because she’s already defaulted on her student loans or something, and the only job option she has left is to become a crack whore if people don’t stop flagging her site.

She also cannot go back to become a stripper, apparently her body has gone to fattie or something.

It turns out Jessy has made some virtual enemies after coming down on another girl because she is black and she (Jessy) could clearly be heard saying “I am a racist, I am a racist.”

Poor sad InstaThot Millenial, the thought of real work is truly frightening to them.

But don’t worry, while her original Instagram account had 140k subs, her backup account – JessyDuh – has 120k subs. So really, she’s still in business, it’s all what is called InstaBegging.  Although between you and me, why anyone would watch an account called JessyDuh is beyond me.