Ah Mike Meyers, Waynes World, Party On, Excellent.

Except now he’s an old man. 55 to be exact.

He’s been out of frame for a bit, and now is coming back with a new special as an ersatz Benny Hill Elder Gentleman.

Why does any of this matter? I call it the blank. As our society devolved to a deeper level of stupid dysgenic races, so much creativity sunk.

Music – un-listenable.         Movies – Terrible     TV – You’ve got to be kidding

From 2000 to 2019, almost 20 years, it’s all crap. Useless worthless and utterly forgettable.

Jungle junk rap works to keep the negros and white suburban wigs in check, but what for the rest of us? Precious little.

And that’s precisely why Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, and the Avengers are all just mega blockbusters. Because there is so very little out there to compete, the rest is utter drek. Sorry I tried to watch Walking Dead and it sucked.

And in the case of Mr. Robot the wait between series – 2 YEARS – is so painful. Even Rick and Morty seems never to come. South Park has long since faded and the last season just wasn’t funny.

Our society is changing, we are becoming darker more simian, more violent, more disconnected. But the other side is the creative inventive side. The arts and music and movies are just one side. They have so many freakin awards show you might think that these fawned over horrifics are actually producing something of quality. THEY ARE NOT.

There were a few tiny standouts. Avengers Infinity Wars is pretty good, but again the ridiculous long pause between movies. Why? Do what Jackson did for lord of the rings and shoot 3 movies at once. The shape of water was OK, not great, OK. I like the new Ghost in the Shell Movie. Ready Player One sucked – forever portraying the Nerd as a girl phobic cheeto crumber – ridiculous. It’s part of the anti-intelligence attack that the masters push into the social norms to keep us all slaves. And if that doesn’t the 8 million H-1B indians with fake degrees with take the fight out of you as your career dies.

I applaud Mr. Meyers as a singular talent , unlike Jim Carey he has not totally withdrawn from us. Make more do more Mr. Meyers, we so terribly need you to keep us laughing as our nation collapses.