The Mueller report was itself election meddling. Mueller had reached his conclusion months before the 2018 election, yet held the report until after, promoting the lying narrative that Trump was a criminal.

Mueller also – charged with investigating “Russian Collusion” – ALL RUSSIAN COLLUSION – yet he politically ignored:

The Ukranians Offering Information Against Trump

The British Agent Manufacturing Russian Information Against Trump – Paid for by Hillary Clinton (Steele / Fusion GPS)

The FBI wife who passed the fake russian anti-trump stories to the FBI and got paid for it

The UNMASKING illegality to spy on Trump

The placement of actual spies within the Trump Campaign (Halper)

So the report was one sided anti-Trumpism and completely political.  It’s OUTRAGEOUS.

Yet, the ball is in Trump’s court. Instead of tweeting “someone should look at this” he should take the reigns and GODDAMN GET IT DONE. Or has he lost his testicles with all the caviar and lobster he eats in that fancy house?