Four Arrested After Connecticut Mall Fight Involving 200-300 People

In malls, it’s racist to enforce loitering laws:

It’s racist not to want a bus stop bringing poor people to your mall, because the poor—and frequently criminal—people are black:

That mall was Walden Galleria in Cheektowaga near Buffalo, NY. They agreed to make their mall more accessible. You can view the result below:

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Or read about it here: Brawls at the mall: When violence has erupted at the Walden Galleria, Buffalo News, December 27, 2018, which lists four recent incidents:

That story has no reference to what happened in the 1990s, when that mall was harder to get to, and thus safer.

Indeed, the whole concept of Mall Security is racist, and probably the cops are racist, too.

Here’s how Office Tim Garcia came to be fired for being caught using bad language as recorded by his body camera:

The mall’s security guards called police after [Dewaxne] Robinson got “aggressive and confrontational with mall patrons as they were walking by,” according to the report. That behavior allegedly included “using vulgar language” and “threatening patrons.”

Asked to leave by mall security guards, Robinson refused…because he’s sacred. He’s Rosa Parks.

Robinson told the officers he felt he was being harassed by the mall’s security guards, who he said told him to leave and were following him as he tried to exit.

Garcia then told Robinson that he needed to comply with the mall guards’ orders or else he could face arrest.

So here’s the dialogue, as reported by the San Antonio Current. It very much supports the idea that Robinson is the kind of guy who uses vulgar language and threatens patrons. Possibly white patrons, of course.

As he and his partner spoke with the guards during the arrest, Garcia and Robinson argued back and forth.

“You know what’s bull***t?” Garcia can be heard saying in the video. “The way you were raised is bull***t.”

If you read this in the original, you’ll see that the Current, while putting a dash in the F-word in the headline, doesn’t feel any need to obfuscate “bull***t”. They do, however, have a lot of dashes in the next part, but this time not in the F-word, either. So asterisks above and below are added by me, and the dashes (which replace the syllable “igg”) are added by the Current—because blacks are sacred, and the Deplorable Word in question is a profanation of their sacredness:

After Robinson complained about his arm being twisted in the handcuffs and referred to Garcia as “n—a,” the officer mocked him and reportedly said, “N—a? Do I look like your n—a? Say it right. Put an ‘r’ at the end. If you’re going to say it, don’t call me n—a. I ain’t your n—a.”

Garcia didn’t stop there.

At one point, according to the report, Garcia called Robinson a “f***ed up n—a.” He also allegedly told Robinson, “F*** you too. Here, here, this is the police telling you, ‘F*** you.’ How do you like that?”

The body cam video can be viewed here Leaving aside the language, the point is that Dewaxne (really his name) a large dangerous young man who refused to leave, objected to the white guards who asked to leave following him to make sure he did, and when he was arrested by a Hispanic cop, referred to him as “n—a”, which is eye-wateringly racist when white people say it, but when Dewaxne says it, is covered by what’s known as “N-Word Privilege”—a special form of Black Privilege.

So that’s what happens when a disruptive, dangerous young black person is removed from a mall: A cop loses his job. What else can happen when disruptive, dangerous young blacks are removed is a “protest”, which if you’re lucky won’t involve blood or broken glass. [Wolfchase Galleria changes tune as activists protest hoodie arrests, by Ryan Poe, Memphis Commercial Appeal, December 3, 2018]

So if you’re asking what Minnesota’s Mall of America can do to prevent crimes like the one Aranda is charged with, the answer, right now, is “nothing.”

I mean, the mall tried. They had him removed from the mall twice after he assaulted women, but he didn’t get any jail time and they had no way of keeping him out.