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After Lying Non-Stop for Two Years – CNN and MSNBC Viewership Cut In Half.  Viewership is so bad they are soundly trounced by Food Network Re-Runs and Old 70s Shows Like the Cosby Kids

—- from Breitbart —-

As far as news weeks go, last week might have been a little less exciting than this same week last year, but MSNBC, and most especially CNN, are shredding massive numbers of viewers for one primary reason… Both outlets spent two years lying to their audience, promising them Trump’s impeachment and arrest was coming up right after the next commercial break.

For those who believe this ratings drop has nothing to do with MSNBC and CNN being exposed after two years of deliberately pushing a hoax about President Trump colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election, I give you Fox News… Fox lost only lost eight percent of its primetime viewers and 12 percent of total day viewers.

In the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demo, CNN lost an incredible 52 percent of total day viewers and an even more incredible 58 percent of primetime viewers.

MSNBC lost 43 percent of total day 25-54 viewers and 48 percent of primetime 25-54 viewers.

Again, by comparison, Fox lost 27 percent of demo viewers in total day and 29 percent in primetime.

The overall numbers for last week are staggering.

Fox News was number one in all of cable with 2.438 million primetime viewers. MSNBC was a distant second with 1.6 million. CNN came in a humiliating 15th place with a mere 690,000 average primetime viewers. The Food Network attracted more primetime viewers than CNN.

During the total day, Fox News was again number one with 1.346 million viewers. MSNBC again came in a distant second with just 899,000 viewers. CNN stumbled into ninth place with just 510,000 average viewers.