“IMPEACH 45” screams Maxine Waters.  Now a lot of democrats are screaming it.

But wait you say, the Mueller report is out and done, an IMBROGLIO of GALAXIAN PROPORTIONS.

“Theres some obstruction in there somewhere” says Nadler.

But there ISN’T

It doesn’t matter they will INVENT IT. They will INVENT a reason. If they can waste THREE YEARS investigating a NON CRIME they can do anything. They are the DUMB PEOPLE’s Party. And let’s face it, America has become QUITE DUMB.

So on it goes. Collusion. Obstruction. Riding a bike you have to carry on your own shoulder. It’s all bad invention gone mad. And it’s never going to end.

It’s time for trump to put the offensive into HIGH GEAR, get the first bad apples LOCKED UP WITHOUT PAROLE waiting for trial. Maybe the sight of a half dozen of their high and holy folks in orange jumpsuits will wake them up, maybe not. But it will wake the American people up.

If they can put Manafort into solitary for 9 months they can do the same RIGHT NOW to McCabe, Lynch, Comey, Struck, and … wait for it… ROD ROSENSTEIN and …. COMEY HIMSELF. All have massive easily provable crimes. Heck anyone who signed the crooked FisA warrent shoudl be IN JAIL RIGHT NOW?

Trump eats his caviar and lobster. Gets his massage. Life is pretty good. Wait, I’ve forgotten something, something I was supposed to do says Trump. What was that? Hmmm? No mind. Trump eats another piece of lobster.