Homeless outreach worker for BART, Armando Sandoval

Officials at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) are evaluating how to best address the growing issue of homeless people taking shelter in the air hub, the latest challenge stemming from the northern California city’s homelessness crisis.

Earlier this week, Fox 2 KTVU reported that SFO is experiencing a recent “surge” of homeless people taking refuge in the busy airport; many are said to arrive in the middle of the night via BART trains south from the city,

“They stink, they shit in the people movers, and they leave needles everywhere” said community activist Dana Walric.

Visitors to San Francisco are shocked at the constant stink everywhere, but they were even more shocked to see homeless people sleeping in the airport.

“At first I thought it was some flight delay, then I realized, OMG these are just BUMS” said Cedric Jefferson, a visitor from England.