mueller eats shit.png

The sad sick cabal of writing pusillanimous Demothigs called the Mueller commission could not tolerate the horror of letting Trump go. But there was no crime. What to do what to do?

Take ALL the dirt exposed during THREE YEARS of investigation and publish it as “Book 2” and the Dems seethed with joy walling in mud pits of filth and shit. And it was good.

Now for the next year we will hear endlessly about “obstruction” which is the Mueller shit sandwich. Honorable? This man is a crook.

He was tasked to look at Russian Collusion.

1) Did he cite the Fake Dossier and how the Russians provided it? NO!

2) Did he look at Uranium One and the Russian 145 Million dollar bribe to the Clintons? NO!

3) Did he look at the Ukranian collusion with Hillary now proven? no!

What the hell did he spend two years looking at? What if the Mueller Dossier was given to him by the RUSSIANS ???? I DEMAND TO KNOW I DEMAND A SPECIAL CONSUL TO INVESTIGATE THE MUELLER DOSSIER! Will we get caught in a circular time loop?

A plate of shit to serve warm apparently. His own “Dossier” the “Mueller Shit Dossier” another FAKE dossier to get Trump.

Burn in Hell Mueller, for you surely are a witch.