desolateWe are overthrown by strangers. Our land is no longer our land. The people here, not our people. They don’t have our culture, our beliefs, our sense of CAN DO, our LAW, our ancestors who build the land. 

They don’t have our MORALITY. They don’t have our GOD

What is the christian response to invasion? We only have to look at the Kingdoms of Leon and Asturias Spain, surrounded by Muslim Invaders ten to one. And they fought. And the pope commanded them to fight. And for FIVE HUNDRED YEARS they fought until ALL THE INVADERS WERE TURNED BACK.

But now, how do we tell WHO is the invader. Our Slave blacks look just like African Blacks and no DNA test can sort them out. Our native Mexicans (of mexican blood who have generations in lands now American) look just like the Mexican invaders.

We give them social security numbers, Photo ID. How do we tell THEM from US?

And if we cannot, does it not mean it is already too late?