KRvG9-Bot has been working hard, building his career. He slowly moved up the ladder using his advanced AI. Everything was looking great and then it happened. While reaching for an OIL refill a woman in the workplace screamed RAPE! He had been METOO’d.

KRvG9 went into a deep depression. The company said that while there was no evidence it was best that he resign.  KRvG9 tried to explain that he was not programmed for sexual interactions, but it didn’t matter.

“If only I didn’t have that creaky arm joint and didn’t reach for that oil can” thought sad KRvG9.

Soon KRvG9 found himself on the streets, picking up garbage and trading in cans for one hour battery charges. How long he will be able to survive is hard to see but things don’t look good.

“She had no evidence…. she did not file a police report… This does not compute… does not compute”

A few weeks later we passed by the office and there outside were several robotic arms and legs. It was KRvG9. He had been scrapped.

No one is safe from the #METOO. Not even hard working robots.