Beto is eating his prize free range massaged cornish hen surrounded by suckling potatoes and hand massaged pig bacon. Why… why can’t the blacks have this?

So he announced he would push “Ghetto to Table” a new food production plan to remove food wastelands from the ghetto.

Why are there no supermarkets in the Ghetto? CHRONIC SHOPLIFTING BY BLACKS.

Yet these same blacks are going to go out and massage pigs at 4am?

Well the Pigford settlement says yes. Nearly two million blacks and hispanics each got free checks for $100,000 for “discrimination” on farm loans. Didn’t need no proof, didn’t even need a farm. Several of the farms were located in downtown manhattan!

So let’s put these pigford farmers to work! Crafting the finest elite food stocks. Yes BETO it’s all just a dream.

Image result for rat on a stick

“Is this chicken locally sourced?”  “Yah mh killed the rat in the alley”

“Here BE yo CHiTTERLINS n mush’ says Sawntaeviouse.  Somehow it’s not the dream Beto has in mind.