Amelia Perry G died Jan. 30 at hir home in Somerville but we aren’t quite sure why? Was it the overprotective parents or was it Zher’s Three Husbands? The details are not clear.

It was a life filled with victimhood and self harm. At one point she complains that the psych ward was rejecting her even after she scratched herself.

A fifth year PhD student in mathematics, Perry is well remembered by many for hir charm, wit, and passion to fight against injustice.

Born Oct. 3, 1991, Perry was raised in Manchester, England, and Concord, Mass. In high school, Perry attended the Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS) through Boston University, eventually becoming the head counselor.

Perry studied mathematics at the University of Oxford as an undergraduate. At Oxford and MIT, Perry researched a broad range of topics in applied mathematics, including machine learning, statistical physics, and data science; zie recently made headway in using algorithms alongside cryo-electron microscopy.

But soon Zhir lyfe began to break down. Psych wards, Hunger strikes, and endless discrimination for being different.

Let hri explain it in hre own words: