Unfortunately Fracking uses TONS of water and also contaminates tons of water. And Water is something the Chinese have in short supply.   So will they contaminate their limited water supply to get more oil? Only Chinese Kommisars know.


CHONGQING, China (Reuters) – On a flattened mountaintop a two-and-half-hour drive south of Chongqing in southwest China, a fleet of towering, red fracking trucks pumps chemicals and sand into a 1,500-metre horizontal well deep under the ground.

FILE PHOTO: Fracking trucks at work are seen at a shale gas well of Sinopec in Nanchuan, Chongqing, China March 18, 2018. REUTERS/Chen Aizhu/File Photo

The equipment was designed and built by China’s state-owned energy major Sinopec, the result of a decades-long government drive to develop low-cost domestic technology to tap the country’s vast shale gas resources buried in the region’s mountainous terrain.

It is the latest key technology that China has learned to master.

Except for a handful of higher-end tools, Sinopec and a crop of independent companies make everything from trucks and pumps to drilling fluid and proppants – treated sand or man-made ceramics used to “prop” open a fracture to allow gas to escape.

“We’re doing 95 percent or more of the service jobs ourselves. The amount of work handled by foreign firms is minimal,” said Shi Yuanhui, a senior Sinopec service engineer.