So we peg up to 25% tariff on 250 billion = 62 billion fee, on China trade. But that’s still on less than HALF the goods we import.  China wont let go of stealing our intellectual property. They are too stupid to invent and they know it. Shockingly they already stole our FRACKING tech, only took them a year.

So why is all this WRONG? It isn’t that Tariffs are wrong, its that how they are being done is all wrong.

We need to establish a general Tariff RULE BOOK for all nations. That way China cannot say they are being singled out. It’s just, our rules.

And here’s how they would work.

First, our TARIFF BASE maps to the HIGHEST tariff a country has on ANY American product. So India tariffs our Harley motorcycles at 50% tariff, then thats our BASE tariff against India.

Next there is a 5% additional tariff if they do not maintain 1st world ecology standards in production.

Add another 5% tariff if they do not have 1st world labor rights and laws including safety.

Add another 5% tariff if they block entry of our dealerships and distribution of American products.

Add ANOTHER 10% tariff if they do not enforce/protect intellectual property

Add Another 10% if they actively engage in intellectual THEFT of intellectual property.

So What is China’s tariff? Say their base is 25% for tariffs they put on our goods.

25% + 5% + 5%  + 10% + 10% = 55% tariffs. That would be the Chinese tariff until they change their playbook. And across EVERYTHING. and if they complain, oh well. There are other countries that DO WANT access to our HUGE market.

China Total Tariff = 55%

Let’s do Japan! They have a 13.1% tariff on our agriculture. That becomes OUR BASE.

They additionally get the 5% fee for blocking our dealerships and distribution.

Japan Total: 18.1%