The jobs report is a lie. The illegal invaders and other immigrants took all the created jobs.  Trump says that’s great, I say that’s HORRIFIC

The Household Survey, which reports the nativity of workers, found a net job decline—of 103,000 in April. Our analysis indicates that native-born American workers suffered a job loss of more than half a million positions, while immigrants gained almost that much.

In April:

  • Native-Born Americans lost 560,000 jobs, a 0.4% decline
  • Immigrants gained 457,000 jobs, an increase of 1.6%
  • Our immigrant employment index, set at 100.0 in January 2009, rose to 130.7 up from 128.6 in March.
  • The Native-Born American employment index fell to 106.5 from 106.9 in March.

And what about that half-female CUCK that Ivanka fell for? Why because he’s easy to control by pulling on his pecker? Well this feminine mommas boy apparently is going to solve the immigration problem, BY NOT DECREASING IT. He’s not going to decrease legal immigration, he’s not going to stop the H-1B genocide visa.

Trump said at his recent rally in Florida that he was going to “Hire America workers to do the jobs” yet, he isn’t. He’s going to hire illegal invaders and Indians with fake degrees on the H-1b genocide visa.