Back in 45 BCE the Romans had declared a wall around the city of Rome – The Pomerium – the be tightly controlled. Only those who entered LEGALLY with PAPERS through the main gates was allowed.

But anyone who was caught sneaking in was PUT TO DEATH.

Now, we can leave California OUTSIDE the Pomerium. That’s fine.  But no more bailouts for California, they have to pay for all their own costs for illegals. Remember that Obama “Stimulus” package? It had 100 Billion for California to cover it’s illegal alien costs.

Illegals caught inside the Pomerium would be required to sacrifice a body part – arm, leg, arm, leg, genitals, head, in that order – each time they were caught. If they didn’t self deport, they stood a chance of losing another part.  And heck, after the first chop, you’d be fairly easy to recognize from the crowd. Of course Americans who had lost an arm or leg well, they’d better carry papers.

What about the children? Take them i say. Keep them. Put them in schools where only english is allowed and make Americans out of them. Toss the mothers BACK over the Rio Grande.

Sound extreme? Losing your nation to invaders is extreme.