rich farmers

Because China is arguing that they will block and stop importing American agricultural products – some 19.6 billion dollars a year – Trump has proposed a 12 Billion dollar bailout to US farmers.

Now just wait a cotton-picking MINUTE! Congress just passed and Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill which included 867 BILLION dollars in subsidies to large agribusiness. Nearly a TRILLION dollars!

The 2018 Farm Bill widens loopholes for wealthy mega-farms to exploit commodity and crop insurance subsidies, allowing nieces, nephews, and cousins who may have never worked on the farm to receive taxpayer-funded subsidies. This will continue to drive consolidation in the farm sector, allowing the biggest farms to keep growing and gobble up smaller and midsized operations that are so critical to the wellbeing of rural communities.

Apparently not ENOUGH money for fatcat farmers many of whom are mega corporations getting billions in free dollars. It’s enough to make  a Banker Blush (bankers got 1% interest paid to THEM on 30 billion dollar loans to each bank, or 300 million a year every year year after year!)

Spend Spend Spend el Trumpo. It’s enough to make a Democrat smile.

And finally, with Swine Flue decimating chinese produced Pork, what are the chances REALLY that China will stop importing food and let it’s people go without BBQ Pork Buns? Answer = ZERO!