No other country has fallen so abruptly as Sweden in maths over a ten-year span. Overall, not one of the other 32 countries included in the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) survey has seen its students take such a beating in their studies.

“The bleak picture has become bleaker with the Pisa review that was presented today,” Anna Ekström, head of Sweden’s National Education Agency (Skolverket), said after she became privy to the results. She had hoped for Sweden to finally buck the trend and stop declining in the ranking.

Sweden’s schools now rank below both the United States and the UK according to the Pisa rankings.

Results are the worst for cities like Malmo which are already largely Africanized.  And as classroom violence increases from unruly blacks who don’t want to learn and lack the genetics to do so regardless, the good teachers flee the profession.

Ekström can’t understand what is happening. But we sure do.