The answer was so easy all along. POINTY STICKS. Jab them with Pointy Sticks.

“Uh high, leet us in, give us asylum, muh babies”

Gray Worm: POKE POKE

“OUch! Stop that!”

Gray Wormk: POKE POKE

“Stop Poking us, we are helpless refugees from war torn gang infested shit hole … OUCH stop po.. OUCH OK OK

Gray Worm smiles. Pokes the illegal invaders again with his stick

“WILL YOU STOP POKING US!   …  FINE we’ll leave!”


Seriously Trump could snap his fingers and a million men with pointy sticks could be right there at the border. Or he could simply order that all asylum requests can only be filed at foreign consulates and anyone caught entering illegally will not have their asylum heard.  PRESTO BINGO CHANGO ZINGO!

I still prefer the pointy sticks.

Or Trump can pass that EO he promised and end birthright citizenship for invaders.

No, that would…. take more than four minutes of work. There’s typing involved. Back to the pointy sticks it is!