The new Kushner devised immigration plan is now released and it increases the rate of genocide of American Software Engineers – replacing them with Indians with fake degrees at a stagarring level.

Already we are well past 100% replacement in the technology field. The 2017 genocide numbers are now out.

TOTAL 364,584 H-1B visas issued. Genocide visas. Each one throwing an American into the streets. DIE SCUM says Trump.

This number is about what they have been issuing year after year for the past 30 years, for a total of easily over FIVE MILLION visas granted to invaders who are still here.

How many new tech jobs were created in 2017?

U.S. Technology Sector Added Nearly 200,000 Jobs In 2017

Ok now if you are like me you gotta be going WAIT A SECOND, that means 164,584 American engineers were thrown away. Did they all die? No they are now installing kitchen cabinets or doing meth on a filthy street corner wondering why America had forsaken them.

The H-1B visa is a genocide visa for our American software engineers. It has brought in over FIVE MILLION foreign tech workers and almost half those who arrive on this “non-immigrant visa” are granted green cards. In short its a way to escape the slums and shit strewn streets of countries like India. There are roughly four million technology jobs in America – that means that this truly is a genocide with near 100% replacement of engineers. Yet Trump does nothing except in his new immigration plan promise to INCREASE the genocide. He’s broken every promise to curtail this from the 2016 campaign. Worse, Jeff Sessions was a long outspoken critic of the fraud in the program (most have, upon investigation, fake degrees or severely unqualified backgrounds and faked work experience, three GAO studies have confirmed this for two decades). Yet, once in power Jeff Sessions did nothing as well.

Is this a nation to be proud of? I’m not so sure anymore. What can you think of a nation that simply succors big tech campaign cash and looks the other way as the government puts its boot on the face of its best and brightest while waving in unwashed masses to take their jobs? It’s bloody horrific.

After 30 years of this, American engineers have had enough. Most flee the profession and become lawyers or doctors instead. The next time there is a crisis and America needs the Cryptographers, the fly by wire aircraft programmers, they might just find the room is empty and its their own damn fault. They have betrayed, abused, and turned their back on American Engineers for three decades now. Trumps new logo should be “Make America Last Again” and “Americans Last”. It’s outrageous.