Trump several times acknowledge the good work Assange did during his campaign when WikiLeaks released many emails showing the nefarious crimes of Hillary Clinton and her henchmen.

Yet now that Assange is in custody, they are throwing the book at him with every charge they can muster. Why?

This is a squeeze play operation to get Assange to turn over sources, most notably the source for the DNC emails, which we all know is the murdered Seth Rich. William Binney’s testimony all but confirms that it was a staffer with a flash drive that downloaded the files directly off the computer on the local net, not an internet hack, based on the file transfer speeds.

And let’s face it, Wikileaks under Assange is finished. So basically Assange should ask for total immunity, some community service, to hand over what really happened.

If the government actually proceeds with all their charges to trial, that is a sad day for america.

Assange has been through quite enough. Return his life to him with dignity. And Arrest Hillary, the true treasonous criminal. Oddly, Trump seems to not want to do that, shirking the question in some kind of NOBLESS-OBLIGE.