We are here with special Chinese Atteche Mi Hu with a special annoucement directly from the Chinese Politburo.

“This Message, from China, Is Warning, BIG warning to traders. Do NOT short the Yuan. Huwge Wosses if you short Yuan. China no need America trade. Tariff no bother us. If you short Yuan you will suffer huge losses.” said Hu Mi.

“Your children will die, your dog will get eaten, your garbage will renter your houses. All because you short Yuan. Why? Why do it? Much easier not short Yuan. Happy wife happy wife. No Short Yuan. China strong. Tariff like mosquito. Annoying buzz but do no damage just itch.”

“Mr. Hu Mr Hu!” screamed a journalist from the WSJ.

“Mr. MI. HU MI!” screamed another.

“You” said attache Mi pointing to MSNBC.

“Is it true that Jinping is having panic attacks over the tariff struggles as more and more companies move production outside of China to cheaper countries like Vietnam?”

“China no worry” said Hu Mi – “Vietnam? they communist nation. Who would be stupied enough to twade Communists?”

“Mr. Hu Mr Hu!” screamed a journalist from the Washington Globe.

“Mr. MI. HU MI!” screamed another.

“You in the red shirt” said Mi pointing to the journalist from CNN.

“Trump says he can wait before he will begin trade talks again with China after China re-wrote the proposal at the last minute, throwing away months of negotiations.  do you now consider that a mistake?”

“No Mistake! No Mistake!” said Mi, “China play dragon hand. We will not be insulted. America insust on insulting China. We will not lose face”

“What was the insult?”

“Trup insist we cannot take the intellectual property we worked hard for. When you join with China you get access to 800 million middle class market. It fair trade for property. Trump say this is unfair. that we have to change Chinese laws to stop this. Wook, chinese work hard but are stupid. WE can’t invent anything. How will china surive without the intellectual property from America? We make the products and sell to the Americans for lowest price. Win-Win. Why trump so crazy?” declared Hu MI.

“Hu Hu!” screamed another journalist

“NO MORE QUESTION. Now I read fortune cookie”

China bigger and stronger

He who fight China

End up in Egg foo Young