Tucker Carlson watched on in horror as Pro-Violence Antifa professor Isaacson defends violence against conservatives.

“It was like Pinocchio except with his neck!” said an astounded Carlson. “The more he talked about violence being acceptable the longer his neck got”

Isaacson quoted Richard Spencer as the face of pure nazi evil.

“The SOY, IT was the SOY!” said Martha Carlton, a studio executive. “I’ve seen this happen before its common that soy boys grow in weird ways when they behave psychotically”


Talk show host Kennedy was shocked when the deranged leftist supported violence against those he disagreed with but was EVEN MORE SHOCKED BY HIS NECK!

Professor Markovitsky explained “It is not actually that his neck is long, it is that with so much soy and lacking testosterone his shoulders have failed to develop along with many other male characteristics including a rational brain”