Stone, fighting charges that he obstructed the House’s Russia probe, argued in a filing earlier this month that FBI investigators relied on a private firm — CrowdStrike — to assess that Russia was behind the hacks and failed to properly preserve DNC servers, an argument that Trump has regularly echoed on Twitter and in public statements.

To support his argument, Stone submitted affidavits from two former intelligence officials who agreed that Russia was an unlikely source for the files, citing metadata, time stamps and even time zone data as evidence that the removal of DNC files may have originated in the United States. Stone argued that if the evidence Russia was behind the hacks was faulty, the search warrants used to ultimately indict him.

“Even if those claims were correct and well supported (which they are not), they would not come close to suggesting that any statements about Russia conducting the hacks were false,” wrote prosecutors in the office of Washington’s U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu, who assumed oversight of the case after special counsel Robert Mueller began winding down his work.

Except this basis comes directly from analysis from William Binney, former DIRECTOR for the NSA. Hardly some hack.

“For example, allegations concerning the time stamps and the time signatures would be equally consistent with Russia intelligence officers using a thumb drive to transfer hacked materials among themselves after the hack took place,”

Except that isn’t true. When you do a file copy you preserve the file dates.

“They could have used Russian Agents DRESSED UP as DNC staffers to use Thumb drives to perform the hack!”

“the hack was done by MICROBOTS which infiltrated the server!” screamed another.

Of course we will never know, because the DNC refused to turn the server over to the FBI for analysis.

“The RUSSIANS we were hacked by the RUSSIANS” the DNC mopheads screamed. Where’s the evidence of THAT! There is none!