The BETO – CRUZ fight scared the hell out of me. It showed just how close Texas is to falling. Granted CRUZ is a slimebag, no doubt, but at least on SOME of the issues he is pro-America.

And now, with 100,000 fresh new illegals pouring into Texas EVERY MONTH! how will Trump be able to win in 2020? Without Texas, he won’t. This is the DemoThugs TRUE STRATEGY.

Trump MUST act now by EOing an order that we WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT ASYLUM REQUESTS from within the USA, and only 500 requests a month will be processed at each major crossing point.  Something like that.  If he DOES NOT ACT NOW, HE WILL NOT GET RE-ELECTED

“Where is the emergency?” Laredoans alternatively asked and cried and yelled at a gathering along the Rio Grande on Thursday, hours before the Senate voted to block the president’s national emergency declaration, which he will likely veto.

A month ago, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency at the border in order to fund $8 billion worth of barriers, a campaign promise that was in jeopardy after Congress voted against his initial $5 billion proposal.

This measure could signify the first substantial allocation of funding for a physical barrier in the Laredo area — 130 miles in Webb and Zapata counties. A small section of stone wall currently exists around Laredo College; otherwise Laredo has avoided this issue.

On Thursday at Tres Laredos Park, activists, business owners, ranchers, biologists, poets, teachers, environmentalists and elected officials took turns explaining what this area of the border means to them, and why there is no emergency here.

Behind them, across the river in Mexico, a couple sat along the banks fishing. Above, a Customs and Border Protection helicopter buzzed by. The sun was out, and the river gleamed.