The new deal with Mexico to stop the huge assault on our border is a failure because it violates the basic tenant of international immigration – the Migrants MUST request asylum in the first safe nation they enter.

That would be Mexico.

But instead, the deal still allows the migrants to request an asylum from the USA and to wait in Mexico for their court date.

This is a success for two reasons, it stops the catch and release, and also allows the 95% of them to eventually be rejected.

Still, none of them really qualify for asylum in the first place.

Hopefully once this new program gets implemented, defended by the new Mexican National Guard, the word will get out that there will be no more easy passage into America.

This is important for Mexico because these groups pay cayotes upwards of $6000 each for transport to America. And this feeds billions to the drug cartels. Not good for Mexico.

There is a provision in 90 days to double check things. Hopefully the Guatemalans and Salvadoreans and African and Pakistanis all get the message that things just got a lot tougher thanks to President Trump.