Not Trish Regan

Dean, himself guilty of obstruction of justice, testified in the Nadler Kangaroo court in an effort to find some pretext for moving forward with impeachment on a president who has committed no crime.

I don’t really know what went on, having a hard time concentrating with the new FOX news correspondents. Sorry that picture above is my minds eye view… not real .. the one below is the real one.

trish 2.png
the real trish regan on FOX News

All I can say is Megyn who? Humanajimmynuh what a babe. Ok the nose is a bit over corrected to the point of hoo-ville, but its not a bad look. Trust me with all the shit on the news, you need it sugar coated by a babe. And the babe of choice is Trish Regan.

snozjob trish


Everything was going great. Skinny? Check. Young? Check. Short Skirt and killer dress? Check. Almost smart enough to know what the H-1B visa is. err no , but ok we’ll let that slide. (She’s been married for 17 years to husband  James Ben, sorry guys. All the good ones ARE taken!)

I almost feel sorry for the lefties that have to make do with the dyke who looks like a guy and that hippo bantu woman. Almost. What is it about conservatism that makes for more babelicious newscasters?


Rachel Maddow and Husband Susan Mikula
Not sure who this is to be honest but it scares me

I was flipping channels and came across this monstrosity. What’s the expression, you can put lipstick on a pig but it will still make you hurl?


Blech. Who watches these leftie channels their people frighten me. Cuck Scarborough who I thought had tiny eyes because his glasses made them look small, but NOT he really has tiny eyes. Take it up the butt Lemon head, and that high whiney castrated guy. all scare me!

This guy is so mishappen he’s not even a beta cuck, he’s a delta!

Is it any wonder I watch FOX. But the earlier shows are getting more and more communist plants. It’s frightening how bad they are. Change in the ownership of FOX apparently and now you’re going to get 50% commies who hate Trump. Don’t make the mistake I did and try the other shows. Stick to Trish, Dobbs, Tucker, Hannity, and Judge Pirro. Or you might get a full hour of lefty crap by ugly women.

Honestly they should make sure that they just Trish read the news solo and never show anyone else’s face. Why?

Because once Nadler’s face appeared on the screen I nearly PUKED. Jesus talk about a boner killer.  Yikes! No wonder he’s such a dirty angry bastard.


I mean this guy is so ugly he probably makes everyone puke as he walks down the hall of congress on the way to another stupid endless presidential harassment abuse of power meeting. It must go something like this…

“Out of my way I’m Jerryo Nadler”

“OMG … (PUKE)”

It reminds me from that planet of the apes scene…


So keep the scary pumpkin faces away and just keep the camera on Trish. Her cooing in soft tones the terrible news may be the only way to digest it. Sorry Lou Dobbs, I’ve found my new correspondent her her legs go all the way up if you know what I’m sayin. (hand gesture like a gangsta).

Allright, let’s get one more of the beautiful Trish to get pumpkin head out of your brain…