A rare photo of the Kardashian Klan, long before plastic surgery and sex changes torn them apart and turned them into phaux=humans.

On the left is the fat one – Chloe. Bruce stands tall in the center. A more loving looking Cris Jenner at his side. And on the right the Kim.  Younger brother whats his name in the front row. Simpler days. Happier times.

Remember it’s ok to be a trans in the spotlight as long as you are a tragic freak. don’t believe me just ask Atlassian. Why the hell would you let yourself go BALD first before transitioning? What a coward. What a freak. Unacceptable.  But they are happy to push the trans as freak message. That makes normies feel comfortable. “that freak is so brave” says the 400 pound couch potato in Iowa.

If you waited to transition now that its been well documented and information available at least for TWENTY FIVE YEARS NOW that can only mean you are a total nutter. Sorry. It just is. Stunning and Brave. Embrace you true bald femaleness.

The same is true of Bruce. Waited until 65 yrs old. Is that brave? Or cowardly. Spent his life cucked and pleasing others. It’s tragic, not a heroic story.