police force has been criticised over “pointless” plans to hand out blunt knives to domestic violence victims in a bid to prevent people being attacked in their homes.

Nottinghamshire Police have launched a pilot scheme whereby individuals who have been threatened or attacked with a blade will be offered to replace them with unpointed knives.

Senior police chiefs said the initiative is designed to tackle the level of knife-related incidents taking place in homes across the county.

“They cut steaks, but not humans!” said Captain Darvington.

The force has 100 of the blunt blades, which can still slice food but cannot be used to stab, and have so far distributed 50 of them.

Victims would need to agree to have their blades replaced as it is not mandatory. The knives were purchased by the force to use in “appropriate high risk domestic situations”.

“What if they use the knife to slit your throat?” asked a fiesty 80 year old Amanda Petersworth.

“No more questions!” said Darvington, as he was hushed to the back room.


However, domestic abuse survivors claimed the scheme doesn’t “solve any problems” and suggested police could be left with “serious questions to answer” if someone identified as at risk is later harmed.

Charlotte Kneer, the chief executive of Reigate and Banstead Women’s Aid Refuge, said: “It is well intentioned but the wrong approach.

In response to critics, Police released “blunty 2” a paint spatula with no sharp edges anywhere.  These new knives descended on the Firthmore household last friday.

“I can’t cut my steak with this” said Charles Firthmore.

“This is rubbish. It’s just rubbish” said David Firthmore.

“well at least no one is getting stabbed tonight!” smiled a smirking Claire Firthmore.

“If the people who are being given blunt knives are identified as being at risk of serious harm, then that is what the police and other agencies should be acting on, rather than just putting a blunt knife in their drawer.

“If a victim is seriously harmed or murdered with another instrument after you give them a blunt knife then the police will have serious questions to answer, given they had identified the victim as being at risk.

“If someone is grabbing knives out of kitchen drawers then they are a homicide threat. If there is not a knife handy in the drawer, they will do something else. They could grab a rolling pin.”