Players move around the board collecting School Cards, Subject Cards and Personality Cards. Professions are: teacher, airline hostess, actress, nurse, model and ballet dancer. A boys version released in 1968 offered the professions of statesman, scientist, athlete, doctor, engineer and astronaut.

But these gender roles are stereotypes and biased so the game has been updated to 2020 in the U.S.A.

  1. WebCamSLUT – Why waste your early 20s in college?


2. Paid Social Justice Warrior / Antifan

Soros has endless money…


3. Far Left SpokesBimbo

Change the minds of boys… get lotsa dollars on youtube



And in keeping with the times, they have added the new FeelyMeely Drag Queen edition!

The drag queen places the special board on ZHER’s lap and the children try to guess the object.

“Is that a SNAKE?”


“HA Ha children, keep trying… squeeze a bit harder Johnny!”