So the FED is sitting on FOUR TRILLION dollars in fake thingies and it has just announced that it will never bother selling them. What are they? They are all the corrupt fraudulent bundles of mortgages where the same mortgage was put into 50 different bundles. In essence they sold the same house to 50 buyers, and they can’t ever allow those buyers to move into the house. That’s what banks did. and they got forgiven for it. No arrests. No jail.

Now if your HOUSE is in that pile of mess, well you have to KEEP PAYING YOUR MORTGAGE. Why? Because of MERS. Because of MERS they SPLIT the mortgage deed from the payment collection.  So you pay and pay. Who owns the deed? No one knows. Its in the pile at the FED.

Now it seemed that such financial shenanigans could NEVER be legal. Ha! No it’s actually been made legal. Even Ted Cruz voted to legalize the sham meRS system in Texas. IN TEXAS!

So to keep the banks solvent, including Goldman Sacks which got themselves declared a bank days before the big money flowed out to them, more shenanigans but never mind don’t look at the man behind the curtain… well they got like 30 billion dollars in free money each. They they put it into the funds window at the fed and got like half a billion in free money a year for ten years. Then they “paid it back”. Gee how do I get that deal?

So, now basically the banks took profits that didn’t exist and paid themselves big fat billion dollar bonuses. And oops they are broke again. So… they basically expect another bailout.

The yield curve is inverted. Which means banks are saying they are all insolvent and wont loan. It’s a path to recession. Only this time much worse.  The fed is looking at the signs and saying hmmm we need to cut rates again. And QE4. That’s banana republic money printing.

Of course they will time the collapse for the 2020 elections.

What to do? hold on it’s going to be a bumpy ride.