“WELFARE WE GETS DE WEFARE” an African Invader screams upon arriving onto the Italian rescue boat.  But upon watching them sail back to Libya he began to scream “NOOO ! What are you doing. It is our RIGHT to get de Welfare”

REEE! REEE! REEE! The UN is REE-ing after Salvini begins ordering rescue boats to return invaders back to Africa (8 miles) not take them to Italy (150 miles). And they are not happy about that. No welfare for you chums.  And if Salvini follows through, boatloads of migrants bound from Italy to Africa could be a daily occurance.

This would constitute a breach of international law, under which migrants rescued in international waters cannot be returned to a place where their lives are put in danger.

Except it’s a breach of ASYLUM LAW to take people from the congo, who have passed through many safe countries, not to stop and stay in Africa.

The first boats moving migrants BACK to AFRICA from Italy have yet to occur, but you can expect the REE-ing to get so loud that lefties heads my explode.

Ohh the sadness upon arriving back in Libya


Coastguard spokesman General Ayoub Qassem said 431 people on four inflatable boats were rounded up between Thursday and Saturday at sea off the town of Sabratha, 70km west of the capital, Tripoli.

“The illegal migrants are from various sub-Saharan countries and include a big number of women and children,” said Qassem.

“Smugglers had tried to foil the process of arrest by opening fire on our coastguards but the coastguards fired back and that forced the smugglers to withdraw,” he added.

According to Qassem, 700 migrants had been picked up on January 27 from three wooden vessels in the same area.

Desperate journeys: Rescued at sea, refugees detail abuse in Libya

Among them were refugees from Syria, Tunisia, Libya and the Palestinian Territories.

Libya has become the main point of departure for people attempting to cross the Mediterrenean Sea by boat to various parts of Europe, ever since a route between Turkey and Greece was largely closed off in 2016.

People smugglers based in Libya have operated with impunity, sending migrants across the sea in vessels that occasionally break down or sink before they can be saved by rescue boats.

Libya’s coastguard sends migrants back to detention centres that rights groups have criticised for inhumane conditions and widespread abuses.

Migrants’ return to Libya by Italian boat could breach international law – UN

Vessel may have broken international law by returning 108 people rescued from Mediterranean to Tripoli

People line up for food after arriving on rescue boats
 It is against the law for one country to return people to another territory that is at war, or where they could be subjected to the death penalty, torture or other inhumane conditions. Photograph: Jon Nazca/Reuters

An operation in which an Italian towboat rescued more than 100 people in the Mediterranean and returned them to Libya may have been in breach of international law, the United Nations has said.

According to the Spanish charity Proactiva Open Arms, the Asso 28, an oil rig support vessel, rescued 108 people from international waters on Monday and took them to Libya, their country of departure.

If confirmed, this would constitute a breach of international law, under which migrants rescued in international waters cannot be returned to a place where their lives are put in danger. Both the United Nations and European Union have acknowledged that Libya is not safe.

The Proactiva Open Arms claim was supported by Nicola Fratoianni, an Italian politician with Free and Equal, a small leftwing party, who was onboard the Proactiva rescue ship

Italy’s coastguard said Asso 28’s rescue activities had taken place in Libyan waters, not international waters, and were “carried out under the coordination of the Libyan coastguard, which managed the whole operation”. The Libyan coastguard was not immediately available for comment.