java engineer
I have FIVE degrees in java and THREE in Web. How Can American’s Compete!

“These fake degree Indians are dirt cheap, it’s a cost savings for Walmart” said Darveesh Makrakandi.

The company – Genpact – has filed for over 1000 H-1B visas in the past few years. The business case is simple. Throw away the smart American engineers who built everything, keep your managers and accountants. Then bring in Indians with fake degrees who work for half the price. Everything goes fine… Until things break so badly and so much crap code is written that whole systems start failing. Then they bring in one or two American engineers to fix everything and when their contract is up, they go back to the Indians.

You would think Walmart would learn from Target’s India Outsourcing disaster after all their cash registers went down across America for hours – thats right – zero sales for hours. Why? They outsourced their software to INDIA!

American Software engineers, whos IQ averages from 120 – 160, are being replaced by Indians whos IQ is only 70-90.  It doesn’t seem to make any sense. The myth that they are just as good is just that – a myth and fakery. Of course they can’t deliver. But with big cash payola from big tech into political campaigns its fuck over American Engineers for the 30th straight year with no end to the genocide in sight. It’s the American way.  The only comeuppance is that so many of their Indian projects or deliveries fail horribly – remember Cognizant and Obamacare, or the 787 Dreamliner, or the Intel Whitfield – that companies are learning never to use them for core development. Because they are total fuckups.

But even in maintenance jobs, eventually the software gets so mangled by the Indians eventually it all has to be thrown away. But for those 5 to 8 years, the MBAs stuff their pockets with million dollar bonuses for “saving the company money” … and then their company declares bankruptcy. Do the MBAs care? Heck no, onto the next company to flood with Indians! Rinse and Repeat.

It’s called the H-1B Genocide visa for good reason, it’s genocide for American Engineers who are forced out of the profession or never get in at all due to the psychotic anti-white attitudes – somehow perfectly legal in corrupt USSA.

Retail giant Walmart Inc. will lay off hundreds in Charlotte starting later this year as it outsources its finance and accounting operations.

The retailer filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification with the N.C. Department of Commerce this week, stating a permanent closure of a Walmart division in Water Ridge will result in about 569 layoffs. Walmart (NYSE: WMT) signed a 12-year lease in 2015 to occupy the full 107,545-square-foot building at 2118 Water Ridge Parkway, where it operates several units, including finance and accounting.

The work done by the affected divisions are being outsourced to Genpact (NYSE: G), a professional services firm that last year opened a digital innovation hub in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart’s headquarters city. A news release from Genpact in November said the company was working with Walmart “to transform (its) finance and accounting back-office operations.”

Layoffs in Charlotte are expected to begin in September and continue until early 2020. Walmart submitted a statement to the Charlotte Business Journalregarding the layoffs:

“This was a difficult decision that affects friends and associates we care about deeply.  But those fake degreed Indias are just so damn much cheaper we couldn’t help it. We appreciate their important contributions, and we’re committed to handling every transition over the next seven months smoothly and respectfully. We are maintaining a corporate presence in Charlotte. As our company continues evolving, we’ve said we must strike the right balance between managing the needs of our business, our associates and our customers.”

Robyn Babbitt, a spokeswoman for Walmart, said several corporate jobs will remain in Charlotte and at Water Ridge but the engineers who worked hard and are high IQ – the epitome of the American dream – will have to be thrown in the streets. “It’s just the way things are now” said a spokesperson. A people services division as well as a regional office for Walmart also operate out of the Water Ridge building. It was not immediately clear how many Walmart employees work there.