Rumor is Antifa is planning to take their acid / concrete attacks that they recently used in Portland to great success to blind people permanently to the fourth of july celebration in DC.

They see the fourth of july and patriotism as “trump supporting”. Just like at the inauguration they bullied people at the entrances and the police did nothing, if the DC police do nothing this time thousands are going to be seriously injured.

First, there has to be a 100% NO MASK rule on that day with anyone violating it sent to jail. That’s just a minimum. But will they? I think the police doesn’t quite get the huge danger that could happen as this national terrorist group of wimps and losers getting their toothy revenge against a society in which they are total losers they RELISH in the feeling of power, something they never had living in their parents basements eating doritos.  The fat hideous women who all the men reject because they are hideous, they lash out with them. It’s a losers club.  Fighting “fascism” is just a mindless meaningless credo. There is no fascism in America.  They consider anyone who doesn’t want america to die to a avalaunch of low IQ violent peoples – literally financially collapse because the productive people have become too few, well that group are racists.

If they win, they will all look at each others dorito crumbed chins as all the free money ends and mass starvation and riots begin in the cities.  they cannot ever be allowed to win.

The sad sick thing is the democrates are Antifa. They all seek the total destruction of america through invasion by dysgenic peoples. They too, from this day forward, can never be allowed to win.

Which is why catch and release has to end. Release them back into Mexico.  Trump can just do it citing national emergency. This policy of releasing into America is at this point, a threat to the nation.  So they will get 9th circuit court rulings and blockages. Trump just has to give the mighty f-u and keep right on doing it. Let the Supreme court tell him he cant. but until then, no more catch and release. nobody.