They are uppity – UPPITY. They have been taken from lives of squalor and given a chance to live in a first world country. You would think they would be grateful . But no.
Their africanized genes and low IQ will make these people forever violent and disruptive to modern society.
A public pool is surely a nice way to cool yourself off, yet one in Dusseldorf, Germany was not enough to stop several hundred of hot-heads from causing trouble. Over the weekend the pool was closed twice thanks to rowdy visitors.

The Rheinbad public pool was plagued by ugly incidents this weekend, amid a record heat wave in Europe. There was even a large-scale police operation to calm-down rowdy swimmers on Saturday. The explosive situation involved “several hundred” people, primarily young men, the police said.

Local media put the number of the rowdy pool-goers at 400, reporting that the crowd primarily consisted of people of North-African origin.

But it wasnt this one incident – black on white attacks erupted across Germany this week.