short0295The 15-year-old girl from Ølstykke in Denmark was on her way home on her bike last Sunday, when three foreign men with a moped suddenly blocked her way. She asked them to move, but the men refused and two of them grabbed her and pulled her off the bike, the newspaper Lokalavisen Egedal said.

Kicked the man in the chest

The attackers first knew the girl’s pockets and asked if she had a cell phone or money. But then they tried to take off her jacket and get her hands under her clothes. Then the 15-year-old, who should have trained martial arts, had enough. She used her skills and gave one man a strong kick in the ribs.

The two attackers then dropped off, but the third man on the moped suddenly felt compelled to throw in the girl. He stepped off the moped and approached, but he also got a bang on his head.

Cycled on

The three men then disappeared from the place and the girl could ride on home.

The police are now looking for witnesses to the incident.

Henrik Duus at the North Zealand police tells the local newspaper Egedal that violence is not normally encouraged. (CUCK!@)