Bond… Niggruh Bond.  Crieke another sign that the UK is dying. Yes, they are replacing james bond with a black woman.

For the past few years, fans and critics have been debating whether we will ever see a female James Bond.

Now according to reports, we could be a step closer to seeing just that as it’s been claimed British actor Lashana Lynch is set to take over the spy’s iconic code name, 007, in the forthcoming Bond 25.

Speaking to the Mail On Sunday, a film insider has revealed the 31-year-old will be introduced during a ‘pivotal’ scene – but fans of the franchise needn’t worry, James Bond will still be there.

They said: “There is a pivotal scene at the start of the film where M says, ‘Come in 007,’ and in walks Lashana who is black, beautiful and a woman.

The female bond gets killed in the first 30 seconds by a 300 pound Russian.  So much for female power.

If they do go through with it, they will of course sell almost no tickets. And who would WANT to go to a black movie? You know the audience is going to be big hair and loud talkers throughout the move.

So they are killing off the franchise. It’s not quite official yet, maybe they are just torturing us for fun. But Bond has a legacy of James sleeping and kissing Niggruhs on screen which has always been disgusting.  Its like taking a piece of pooh and shoving it in our face and going “It dont stank… IT DONT STANK”  No it does stink. Ferociously. And if they go this far just forget it. Maybe mr. Broccoli can go to another production house and start making real bond movies again.