Muslims In Cleveland Pray to their pedophile god

Muslims are abusing our family chain migration system. So once one it let in as a refugee, they nominate 12 to 18 family members to be sponsored to come into the USA. Then each of those 12 demand to let in their 12 family members. After a few chains of this suddenly there are millions of Muslims everywhere.

The truth is because they fuck their cousins, whole cities in crap hole nations like Somalia are “their family”. So the immigration chain migration never stops going through the roof. Or even worse, they just lie and bring in another 18 Muslims. Their role is to JIHAD and conquer, so they need to get in as many muslims as possible.

We all knew Dearborn Michigan had fallen, but now it’s spreading. Cleveland is now moving towards no go zones and muslim areas? Yep!

Trumps executive orders that we need immediately:

1) No asylum requests will be taken from within the USA or at the border

2)  Anyone found illegal in the usa will be sentenced to six months hard labor then sent home.

3) Chain migration will be limited to 1 person every ten years (no muslims bringing over 20 “family” members

And the final executive order, which we cannot risk the traitor stevens on (so we have to wait for Ginsberg to croak)

4) No children born to non-citizens will be recognized as citizens ( no anchor babies)

Families and kids arriving at the border should be processed, their asylum request taken down, and then returned to the other side of the border. Trump can do that with a snap of his finger.

Trump isn’t going to do any of this. And America will fall. It’s really quite a shame that they don’t realize the whole country is at stake.

We need to limit legal immigration to just 300,000 a year.  We need an immigration pause. And time to eject as many illegals as possible.

Trump doesn’t know that California passed a law allowing ballot dumping.  That means someone can take every registered illegal alien voter and just fill out a voting ballot for them by the thousands, and just drop off a dump truck of ballots. All total fraud, but all acceptable under Commie Kalifornia.  That means going into the election he automatically loses california and new york. And because he hasn’t stopped the invasions, he will soon lose Texas. At that point, America will cease to exist.  If Trump does not act, within a very few years, America will be gutted by Communists. It’s quite sad that Trump is so stupid. But he is.