So I was perusing articles and I saw this one…

Little Change at U.S. Border Amid Confusion Over Trump Asylum Rules Facing Lawsuits

Refusing asylum to most applicants would outstrip available resources;

Jesus TITs!   That’s HORRIFIC.

First of all, ONLY THE SUPREME COURT CAN OVERRULE THE PRESIDENT ON MATTERS OF NATIONAL SECURITY.  But they act like a low level judge can just block Trump. NO! That’s not what constitution says. Only the SUPREME COURT is co-Equal to the president. So all of these judicial actions don’t matter one whit. Trump needs to declare that in an executive order, not to change things, but to REMIND people of what is the way our country works.

So these TWITS these NINNIES of the border patrol are STILL taking people for asylum request. TRUMP NEEDS TO WARN THEM and if they still act like cucked pussies FIRE THEIR ASS.

Trump needs to get a fire under his but and stop all this bullcrap.  “Oh were scared a low level judge things they can dictate policy across the USA.” FUCK NO!