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Germans Speak Out On Public Pool Arab Molestation of Little Girls

They’re grabbing 8 year old girls vaginas and breasts. Some girls get raped. It’s all the joy of the new Africans in Germany.

“Pack the swimming trunks, take your little sister – and then get out to Wannsee!” So Connie Froboess smashed happily in the 50s. Today you should die the song on your lips.

“Women are massively harassed by migrants. Swimming champions are abused. In addition there is a high degree of violence and the lack of any respect! An outdoor swimming pool should be a place of recreation and not a place of horror! “That’s not what anyone says, but Peter Harzheim, the president of the Federal Association of German Swimming Champions. Never before have so many outdoor pools sounded alarm throughout Germany. The novelty: Whole groups of young men molest girls and women, seek riots with other men and sometimes even strike.

“Who does not call the problem by name, only aggravates it!” – It’s the niggars!

The police NRW – where, according to statistics, there are the most attacks and outbreaks of violence – identifies the perpetrators as “young men of North African, Arab and Turkish origin”. Heiko Müller, vice-national chairman of the union of the police North Rhine-Westphalia warns: “In open-air baths straight a parallel society develops – if not at last harder against regular breaks is proceeded!” 

“Rule breaks” like this: In the Rheinbad in Düsseldorf , a large number of police had to deploy twice on the last weekend in June to bring guests and lifeguards to safety. On the ground, officials saw the following picture: A man stands protectively in front of his family, surrounded by hundreds of young men shouting at him. They had previously jumped over blankets and bathers. As the family father confronted them, more young men took the side of the troublemakers. Finally, around 400 young men of “Arab origin” harassed the officials, accused and cursed them, pepper spray was also used. Incidentally, the father of the family is a German Turk. This was reported by the Turkish daily Hürriyet, Almost the entire German press still considers it correct to mention neither the nationality of the harassed nor the harassment – even though it plays a role on both sides.

In Gelsenkirchen, there was a fight on June 26 in the outdoor pool of the sports paradiseafter a fight between two young Turks. One injured person was taken care of by rescue workers and taken to hospital. There, the 23-year-old was notoperated.

In Essen Oststadtbad attacked on June 24, a group of “southern” looking youth two lifeguards and a twelve-year-old girl. According to a police spokeswoman, the group had provoked the swimming masters by splashing water on the overseers. When one of the swimming masters asked the young people to stop, the men had climbed out of the pool; one hit the swimming master on the ear. A second was also physically approached. Then the group fled the bathroom. At the departure of one of the men should have boxed an uninvolved girl in the stomach.

Women are harassed, photographed or insulted as “whores”

In Haltern am See there will be a mass brawl with 20 people on June 26 at the outdoor pool on Hullerner Straße am Pommesstand. The nationality of the perpetrators remains unspoken. But in the police report it says: “Apparently also chairs and a trash can were used as impact tool. A comprehensive survey of all parties involved could not take place on site without an interpreter. “

In public baths in Bielefeld, Werl and Lünen, bathers were beaten hospital-ready four times. Again, the thugs had a migration background.

A very different list would go beyond this text: from the point of view of molested girls and women. From many outdoor pools in Germany, they report on harassment and sexual assault. They are caught underwater on and in the genitals and on the breasts or pulled down the bikini. They are molested in the shower and filmed. Women lying in the sun are skipped, photographed or insulted as “whores”. Even little girls are harassed.

Peter Harzheim, from the Federal Association of Swimming Champions: "A problem with young male migrants."  - Photo: spark
Peter Harzheim from the Federal Association of Swimming Champions: “A problem with young male migrants.” – Photo: spark

The result: women and families more and more avoid the outdoor pool visit. Especially on weekends they vacate the field for fear of attacks and the tense atmosphere. “Since 2015 there are the problems in our baths with young migrants. It was a slow process. In the meantime, the impression prevails that only young Arab-born men can dare to go to the outdoor pool, “says Peter Harzheim, describing the disastrous development. The municipalities are trying to counteract with security services. In NRW it is discussed whether access to bathrooms should be more limited and whether a knife ban should be introduced.

“How these men deal with women is unacceptable.”

Get used to it Germany, You have brought in African rapists, now we must hide our daughters.

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