It’s horrific. It’s a woman who can’t sing. Of course they HAD to give the title role to a black woman. Cause vaginas.

But she’s terrible. Her version of the title “Memory” song is almost screaching and flat. Ick. So how did this can’t sing horror get the role. GibsMeDat push the black narrative world gone black of course!

I was actually in a high school production of Cats. So I know the music well and how it’s meant to be sung. Hudson sings the song like a power trumpet with no subtlety. It’s godaweful.

Niggruh cats abound and they all look frightening.  It’s like when the did the Lion King on broadway and all the cast were Blacks. Why animals are not BLACK!


I’ll let you judge for yourself. To me, it’s a disgrace compared to the broadway renditions of the song.