The photographic evidence clearly shows Heyer was not even hit by Fields’ car – Most likely SHE WAS TRAMPLED TO DEATH BY LEFTIES. Note that Fields’ car window was ALREADY smashed in. That’s not from the crash. That’s the ANTIFA attack which scared him into accellerating. He was boxed in all the streets were closed, that one street he was on full of people WAS HIS ONLY WAY OUT.

What would you do if you were scared for your life? Does it warrant life in prison for NOT KILLING ANYONE? This trial was such a mockery of justice his lawyer should be throw out of the bar forever.

Also, if Heather Heyer died from being hit by the car, shouldn’t the SEVEN people between her and the car ALSO BE DEAD? What about that fact? Nope didn’t make it into the trial, only that he was a NAZI!

The American justice system is dead.

Photo Shows Heyer Too Far Away to be Hurt By Car.. Where Was Fields Lawyer?




Learn to tell the Blue Hippo from Heather Heyer: The Blue Hippo suffered minor injury.



Hippo Down – Heyer in Black (she’s NOT the hippo woman in blue who was OK) – looks like she was trampled to death not hit by the car. She’s too far to the side of the car to have taken a frontal hit which would have sent her even further forward