TOMMY-ROBINSON-NORTH-KOREA-910x0-c-defaultTommy Robinson was convicted NOT of obstruction, but for simply being a journalist who shed light on the Pakistani little girl rape factories that have sprung up across Britain. Britain doesn’t like it because it goes against their “aren’t these new darkies just lovely people” multiculturalism psychosis.

No they aren’t lovely. As Richard Lynn’s new book – Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality: An Evolutionary Analysis

shows us, negroid races are more violent and raping. And that’s the big truth the real hard scientific FACT they cannot handle. You have brought MONSTERS into your midst, MONSTERS who cannot be reformed or educated to become good brits, good Europeans, good Americans. NO. This is genetic pathology. There is a reason they are murdering raping horrors even generations later EVEN when raised in privilege.  It’s in their very genes and now we have a book to prove it.

Sadly, Tommy Robinson may very well end up murdered by these horrific negroids in prison. They specifically put him in the worst of the worst Muslim gang prison last time. His stint in solitary confinement to stay alive required closing up outside air windows and basically putting him in a sweltering heat box with almost no food for four months.

This is cruel and unusual punishment for the crime of freedom of speech, something Britain once had. They refused him the right to trial by jury, another right Britain once had. Britain has fallen and taken Tommy Robinson with him.

It’s time for Trump to Ignore the THUG ASAP Rocky and to stop listening to the Kardashians for who to pardon – Armenian girls making sex tapes fucking black men is hardly a role model! Trump listen to your CONSTITUENTS who supported you from the beginning.  FREE TOMMY ROBINSON. Twist arms. Put May in a headlock. We don’t care just get him out. You met with the queen, call her for gods sake! This is a huge injustice!